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New year. Fresh start. Big news.

Here’s a little video about BIG changes we’re making in 2021!

A new year, a fresh start, and some big news we want to share with you.

Yes, we can all agree that 2020 was a cataclysmic year that forced many of us to alter our way of life. But I’m sure we’re not alone in the fact that 2020 also made us more reflective about who we are, and our place in the world. All that time in quarantine helped us bring a dream of ours into focus. We’ve always wanted to couple our experience and innovative ideas into a package that could better serve our expanding group of clients, and ultimately benefit our community at large. We’re proud to announce the formation of our very own new brokerage: Rosenhagen Real Estate Professionals. As members of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate we will continue to offer the same expertise for all the hot communities and destination neighborhoods throughout the Denver area and along the front range. Our seasoned team of professionals works with buyers and sellers at all price points, offering curated marketing plans for our listings and comprehensive advisement for our buyers.

New brand, same philosophy
A home is a personal place of sanctuary and safety. The need for shelter is a primal human need that we all share and that is why buying or selling a home is so much more than the money or the contract process. It is a life-changing moment and it is our honor to play an integral role working on your behalf as trusted advisor, counselor, negotiator, and friend. A cornerstone in our business philosophy is to be kindness-forward, approaching each element of the transaction and all involved with a win-win attitude and heart of service. We apply all our experience and every tool in our kit to make your dream a reality, and never lose sight of how personal and utterly important it is to find and possess your place to call home. The process of buying or selling a home may be brief, but the bond we make with our clients lasts a lifetime. Our friends often become clients, and our clients become friends as we intentionally put other’s needs before our own and work tirelessly toward a positive outcome that leaves us basking in the warm light of a job well done. Ready to get started? We’d love to discuss your next move and share our expertise and special brand of service.