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Join Rosenhagen Real Estate Professionals!

We are a boutique brokerage and plan
to stay that way. Here’s why….

As a real estate broker, you are a small business owner, but you don’t need to do it all by yourself.

We provide our group of agents all the support of operating as a team, without being a team.

Our managing brokers are available in person via phone/text/email all hours of the day to answer questions, discuss client and contract strategies, review ALL contract documents, and generously offer compassion and understanding for the challenges you encounter, and advice on how to succeed.

The real estate business isn’t easy, but it’s possible to do it with confidence and the comfort of knowing you can lean on our expertise — whenever you need it.

We simply can only offer this kind of hands-on support to a few agents.

Contact us to see if you could be one of them!

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    Work with us and receive:

    ·  Generous commission splits.

    ·  We provide you with buyer and seller leads.

    ·  Our “renew” program offering your sellers free money for remodel/updating that’s simply reimbursed when the property closes.

    ·  No fees for office use or desk space (private office space available).

    ·  Free transaction coordinator.

    ·  One-on-one training, mentoring, and support for each transaction.

    ·  Internal marketing department for your personal branding, promotion materials, and advertising design.

    ·  Yard signs, first 100 business cards, and printed listing and buyer presentations.

    ·  Sales meeting and training.

    ·  A culture of support, working among friends who genuinely care about your quality of life.